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I started off in business at the age of 24 I always had a burning passion even from being at school to work for myself and have my own business. I'm lucky enough to have three gorgeous teenage boys that are growing up very quickly and turning into young men in front of my eyes they certainly don't stay children for long .😢. My boys and I love Adventure and the ocean so I'm hatching a cunning plan to sail the world and see some wonderful places and meet lots of interesting people . I'm sure you will  love our holiday lodges we have stayed in them ourself's and have love having good quality time together with no pressures from the outside . I actually find the five-star site a little oasis from the real world . If there's one thing I've learnt over the years life is for living and you'll  remember the things you didn't do as to the things you did do so make haste and enjoy yourselves . Bill Ashworth 😜

Visit our Luxury Lodge & Enjoy Yourself
On-site JJs Bar & Restaurant
Bike Rental
Coming Soon
Outdoor Hot-tub
40 Degree Heat
Gas Patio BBQ
 2 x Electric Showers
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